Tuesday, January 19, 2010

pimp my african print: of furniture

this edition of "pimp my african print" focuses on the binta arm chair produced by italian company, moroso. we bet the average african who wears african print doesn't realize the impact it's having the world over, including in the interior design industry.

so, what do we think of these arm chairs? a welcome innovation or 'nice try but no, thanks!'? practical or meant for a museum somewhere?



boatx2 said...

I think that it's a wonderful piece if it sits on it's own. I think a lot of interior design could make this work, but with average everyday skills, making these chairs look as beautiful as the fabric on them will be one hell of a time.

(laughs) you'd also have to be careful which one you bought. Some of those chairs are just too too bright for me.

I have a question you might be able to answer!: Do you know where originally and how wax fabrics are made these days?

xoliquoricexo said...

@ boatx2: spot on! you've touched on my thoughts and concerns...but then again, it all boils down to making in work within a given space.

and re: your request -- sure! we've answered your questions on your blog.

thanks for dropping by!