Wednesday, January 6, 2010

paying attention: the NY Times//designing to an afro beat

[l-r: SUNO NY spring/summer 2009; rodarte spring 2010; na'vi, a character from the movie AVATAR]

in october 2009, we blogged about an article from the New York Times titled "putting african style on the page." once again, the NYT focuses on africa's influence on mainstream culture in a recent piece titled "designing to an afro beat." we're glad africa is slowly but surely getting its due recognition.

read the article here and view its accompanying slideshow, "the in continent", here.


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Fly Girl said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful post. African style has always been influential, its just fashionable again to acknowledge it. Personally, Avatar irritated me because of the clearly African but not acknowledged as such elements, and the tired story of a white man rescuing an "exotic" native culture. I'm going to write a post about African fashion's media resurgence, thanks for the idea.