Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SLiq Updates: happy new year!

hello and happy new year *shy face* + :-)

apologies are in order for disappearing for a week. as earlier expressed way back in july, we all have quite a bit going on and juggling all our commitments has been rather daunting. but where there's a will, there's a way! we're fully committed to our blog and we apologize for the times we've been a little quiet.

that said, we have an unbelievable amount of new and old discoveries to share with you. so sit back, relax, and enjoy :-) we haven't made any concrete resolutions where our blog is concerned but, without giving too much away, we fully intend on making the SLiq experience as exciting as we possibly can for you this year. ooooh, it's going to be G-O-O-D :-)

oh, while we're still on house-keeping stuff, HUGE HUGE HUGE apologies to our wonderful readers who left comments while we were away. unfortunately, we lost a few of them due to a little mishap on blogger :-( so if you left a comment and it hasn't showed up on the blog, we're truly has poofed far beyond our reach :-(

the good news is we love ALL your comments and can't wait to cook up more comment-worthy posts! so please bear with us, stay tuned, and stay excited about Africa!



Anonymous said...

Many thanks for showing us support!

xoliquoricexo said...

@ ohema ohene: awww, our pleasure! thank YOU!