Saturday, January 9, 2010

trend watch: statement tees

'tis the era of statement everything; from bling bling necklaces to oversize purses to over-the-top platform pumps, statement-making has never been more common. but don't take 'common' to mean boring -- far from it! in fact, the new crop of statement pieces - the statement tee - and the multiple possible interpretations keep us lustin'. here are some of our favorites (click photos for info. on how/where to purchase):


reneeq//price on request

connect with reneeq:




syl anim//price on request

connect with syl anim:



d'zyn couture//price on request

connect with d'zyn couture - call 080 3703 6326 (abuja, nigeria)


...and that's all, folks! which one's your favorite?



Fly Girl said...

I do love the Syl Anim the most.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, these are all very nice Team SLiq! Love them all, but I'm team valentino on this one.

Titi said...

Just looked at ReneeQ's facebook group and she's really on to something, I must say! I guess I'm a little biased in choosing ReneeQ since I've seen more of her work but her tee's my favorite. Good post, girls!

xoliquoricexo said...

@ fly girl: it's fabulous in its simplicity, no?

@ anon: must say the valentino's one of our faves, too! and thanks :-)

@ titi: reneeq does AMAZING work and must be commended. and also, thank you, as always :-)