Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spotlight: Duro Olowu Fall 2010

With several successful shows under his belt and a substantial cult following among fashion's finest, one has invariably come to expect a certain aesthetic when it comes to Duro Olowu. Silk multi-print dresses, anyone? Yet, he took such a detour from the norm with his Fall 2010 collection that we were a little taken aback. Bold geometric prints contrasted with soft, ethereal ultra-femme pieces as a distinct sporty chic edge shone through. Striped neon leg warmers, color block coats, a whirlwind of prints, and subdued grays made this collection delightfully schizophrenic. And we love it. His classic silhouettes still have the prime spot in our hearts but we're charmed by this new direction for fall 2010:

Any favorites?


Photos courtesy of style.

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