Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ARISE L’Afrique-À-Porter: Who else is showing?

[A model wears a piece from Clive Rundle's Summer 2008/9 Collection at SA Fashion Week]


We already know Tiffany Amber's set to showcase her work at Arise L'Afrique-A-Porter at Paris Fashion Week next month, but who else will be joining her? Thanks to this TimesLive article, we can answer that question in part:

- A total of 10 designers will be showing at the event
- They were informed about a week ago [eek!]
- They'll each be required to create 5 outfits
- The designers include Tiffany Amber [Nigeria], Kluk CGDT [South Africa], Lunar [South Africa], Clive Rundle [South Africa] and 6 others whose names we'll bring to you as soon as we have them.

Any guesses? David Tlale? Jewel By Lisa? Ituen Basi? We wait and see.


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