Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ShopAfrica/Spotlight: TAN by Tiffany Amber

[The Patch Pocket Tunic from Tiffany Amber's TAN diffusion line; $56.95]

o o o

We've got to admit something - very often, we spy pieces from African or Africa-inspired designers we love and their price tags make our hearts lurch. We're young, fresh-out-of-college girls and certified members of the ballers on a budget club (*smiles*), so while we're prepared to save for pieces we really, REALLY like, several price tags still give us pause. However, diffusion lines from some of our favorite designers are making it that much easier for us to connect with them.

Last year, we read about Tiffany Amber's upcoming diffusion life TAN and we're very excited to report that a few pieces from said line are now available online and the prices get along just fine with our wallets. It's a win-win! We hope more designers follow suit so we can at least support them while we're negotiating bigger salaries :-)

See more pieces here and happy shopping! If you're in Lagos, visit one of Tiffany Amber's stores. More info. here.


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