Friday, March 5, 2010

Cover Girl: Kate Menson//Canoe [10th edition]

The cover of the 10th edition of Canoe Magazine features MNET Face of Africa 2009 winner Kate Techie Menson. It's said to inspired by Andy Warhol's distinct style, but we're a little iffy on the execution. Perhaps we should've gotten a  head shot alone a la Andy Warhol? Whatever it is, something seems amiss so we're on the fence about this one. Perhaps it'll grow on us.

Flip through past editions here and pick up a copy of the magazine at the end of March. More details here, via facebook.

What do you think about this cover?


1 comment:

mariam said...

Kate is gorgeous. I like that their Warhol-esque inspiration but think it could have been slightly sharper I think.
Thank you for sharing