Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Africa-Inspired/Etsy Love: blackmarketbaby

[The Cape Dressblackmarketbaby by Audrey Catwell]

A few months ago, we posted photos from Alexander McQueen's Fall/Winter 2000 collection, rich with inspiration from Yoruba culture, legend and tradition. Africa-inspired collections often draw from the color and vibrancy of the continent, with African Print being the preferred medium and the darling of the fashion world. Yet, some others step over to the dark side and explore the underbelly of magic realism and voodoo. Audrey Cantwell's latest collection, Mysterium, takes the road less-travelled and offers inspired and wearable pieces that tow the line between light, dark, and the unseen. Great visuals, great pieces, see the entire collection here & shop here.


We're curious to know what you think! Is the nod to "black magic" distracting or does it make the pieces more fascinating? 


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