Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who Wore What: Kelis in Jewel by Lisa!

You know how we get when we spot pieces from our favorite out-of-Africa designers...well, outside Africa especially. And who better than Jewel by Lisa to take the leap?! The vibrant and versatile design house's latest "victim" is none other than Kelis - purveyor of individualism with a dash of the unexpected, and not unlike JBL in that respect. She was spotted in London wearing a paisley JBL shirt as seen in its floral version in South Africa last year. So fab! We love that JBL transcends a particular locale and is gearing up to a be a global brand we can all be proud of. We look forward to the day when African Designers and Africa-Inspired Fashion'll have a place in everyone's closet, and with brands like JBL taking the lead, that day just might come sooner than we expect.

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Photo of Kelis from here (See more here and here)
Many thanks to Zara from JBL :-)

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