Friday, July 2, 2010

STYLE NOTES: Bunmi Koko//Nigeria + UK [Day 2, Africa Fashion Week 2010]

Fringed leggings, masked models, pom poms, fur and tie-dye like graphic prints found an outlet in Bunmi Koko's astounding Matriarchy collection - a seamless follow-up to her 6-piece showing at Graduate Fashion Week. The high neck lines and draped bodices of the Victorian era met with the pom poms, masks and staffs of an Efik cult of men-only masquerades. At once ironic and a powerful statement on its own, a matriarchy collection inspired in part by airless costumes worn only by men and transformed into pieces with an air of charm, dignity, sophistication and confidence speaks volumes. Is there any use trying to make such a cult more inclusive when Bunmi Koko has created an endlessly superior dress code?

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Her exquisite craftsmanship shone through in intricately draped sleeves, a ruched tuxedo jacket and the closest attention to detail - it's always blindingly obvious when a designer has loved every inch of her pieces to life. Her ability to be inspired without taking her inspiration too literally or allow it to subsume her creative vision was a particular highlight, making this the stunning showcase of a designer who celebrates the joys and complexities of womanhood while being very much her own woman. A rousing and outstanding success. 

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