Friday, July 2, 2010

STYLE NOTES: Christie Brown//Ghana [DAY 1, Africa Fashion Week, 2010]

We gasped increasingly  loudly as we saw look after look from Christie Brown's collection. There's no doubt in our minds that she's one of Africa's foremost wunderkids, blurring the lines between the traditional African aesthetic and the silhouettes that now define the world as we know it.  The look above and those below are what made this collection one of the highlights of Africa Fashion Week so far.

[LOOK ABOVE] African print covered buttons act as the talking point in what would otherwise be a cute but simple sleeveless puff dress above. The colors are exhilarating and the thought and time that went into this winning look makes it one of our favorites.

o o o

We mentioned gasping earlier. We're not ashamed to say this one made us get out of our seats. It is everything a funky, fresh suit should be, from the button embellishments on the puff sleeves to the print bandeau, the neckline and the proportions of the jacket and skirt, this is a combination and a look we haven't quite seen before.

o o o

The embellished cuff of this billowy jumpsuit and the embellished necklace are gorgeous.

o o o

It's the buttons again - but not just the buttons. Look at those pants!! Here's a look we'd snatch right off the runway and wear as is - no ifs, no buts, no maybes.

o o o

The strings of Ankara that adorn this raw silk skirt and the trench and jacket below make these pieces what they are. Easily one of the most excellent uses of ankara and somewhat reminiscent of Ituen Basi's work. [P.S. We think the trench could've done without the additional print lining and buttons and the cropped pants could've done without the buttons as well.]

o o o

There's nothing like a chic black dress and with a necklace like that, there's nothing more comforting than solid black with tasteful pops of color.

o o o

Puff sleeves show up often in this collection and we love their re-appearance here. The print on the dress is a beautiful contrast.

o o o

Last but not the least, this dress is simple, sophisticated and beautiful in the same breath. Would love to see this in a floor-length version.

See the entire collection here.



Gidan Nodza said...

Wow!!! My favorite so far, I certainly love the coloured buttons effect, kinda looked like coloured pebbles. This is like a fresher Ituen Basi, dont get me wrong I absolutely love Ituen...I certainly get inspired when ever I see any of her works but for this show her work though very/ the most colourful fell flat, it was the same thing we were already used to, her shoes got my attention though.
Hmmm Christie Bown, certainly one to watch out for. The army shoulderd Ankara lined long jacket (can it be called that?) with the tasseled sleeves is certainly a winner.

Good job guys.

NSC Fashion Network said...

I agreed with everything you said. She is the best at this game. Loooove the unique funky pieces!!!