Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who Wore What: Beyonce in Boxing Kitten's "Kitt" Shorts

Beyonce's vacation in St. Tropez has been the toast of the Press over the last few days and has given bloggers much fodder to dissect. Today, we spotted Beyonce mixing and matching quite a few prints but it was her Boxing Kitten "Kitt" shorts that caught our eyes. The style's from BK's Spring 2009 debut collection. Notice the fabric-covered buttons on the sides? Nice touch!

Some of you will remember Beyonce wore Boxing Kitten on the set of Alicia Keys' "Put it in a Love Song" video this summer.

Want some Kitt shorts? Get them here!

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Photo of Beyonce courtesy of Daily Mail


AMW said...

adore the shorts and both of the pictured outfits! yum!

too bad they are sold out :(

Tee said...

Love the shorts but perhaps it'd look better with a different top, there's too much going on...but hey, it's st tropez dahling lol!
Love ur site by the way