Friday, November 26, 2010

Sweet Tooth: Red hot

Lately, we've been seeing red and so have some of our favourite African designers. For this themed collage, we bring you our top picks from Anita Quansah, Sunny Rose by Maureen Okogwu, Bunmi Koko and Eyola. Granted, they come with hefty price tags, but since when did fashion equal affordable? Dream a little...


a) Opulence, Anita Quansah-style. Her recent trip to the motherland inspired her use of African beads, swarowski crystals and vintage bits and pieces in a new collection that expands the concept of "tribal chic". Luxurious, stunning, Anita-mazing. [POR - info (at) anitaquansah (dot) com; see snippets of the new collection here.]

b) Feathery, fun, bold -- what's not to love? This evening clutch from Sunny Rose is delightful. [835 GBP, Couture Lab, see here.]

c) We literally gasped when we saw this one. More than enough to dazzle, wow and possibly cause a small conniption. Nicely done, Eyola. [1125 GBP, see here.]

d) You'll remember this piece from Bunmi Koko's Matriarchy collection. Strong, structured shoulders, silk, tie-dye -- the perfect statement piece. [POR - sales (at) bunmikoko (dot) com]

e) Yes to tassels, yes to Eyola. Always. [475 GBP, see here.]


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