Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Look: Coming soon to

Meet Dion, Obi, Asa, and Lewa -- four exquisite signature pieces from Anita Quansah's pocket-friendly range soon to be debuted in their upcoming e-store. Known for their extraordinary craftsmanship, Anita Quansah pieces don't come cheap -- and understandably so. However, if you've had an Anita Quansah craving and not enough cash, here's a new range of pieces to suit your budget:



Features: Antique brass tone plastic wave design disc, glass beads, rhinestone flower details, silver tone chain fringing, safety pins.

OBI, 110 GBP

Features: Brass tone vintage beads, swarovski crystals, gold plated leaf design with gold charms from India, feather trimming.


ASA, 100 GBP

Features: Antique brass tone plastic wave disc design, orginal Masai chunky beads from Kenya, brass tone large pendant, rhinestone elephant charm.



Features: Multi-coloured beads from Masai tribe (Kenya) entwined with silver plated chunky chains with a pendant and silver plated chain fringing.

Anita-mazing, as expected, no? We can't wait for the official launch of their long-awaited e-store. If you're interested in any of the pieces above, please send an e-mail to anitaquansah (at) yahoo (dot) (co) (dot) (uk) or shop Anita Quansah pieces at My Sugarland and Shrimpton Couture.


Photos and item descriptions:

Many thanks to Anita Quansah -- unparalleled customer relations.

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