Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inspired: Mara Hoffman meets Ndebele

The first thought that occurred to us when we saw Mara Hoffman's latest swimwear collection was: "Oooooh, Ndebele!" (yes, really):

[Ndebele wall art common among the South Ndebele people of South Africa]
Wouldn't you agree? Between the geometry, symmetry and colours, we find the art-meets-Africa-meets-swimwear execution very exciting and refreshing indeed. And then there are the wonderful "crack" batiks common in parts of Africa and Indonesia, all simply and stunningly accessorized with layered beads. Feels like summer already.

 Don't you just LOVE it?




Anonymous said...

Yebo, yebo yebo!

Fly Girl said...

Ahh yes I would agree! I need some of these swimsuits!

Wande- Ladyee said...

Gorgeous prints!