Friday, April 29, 2011

FIRST LOOK: Bunmi Koko Bridal

There are moments and there are moments -- that split second when we laid our eyes on the first looks from Bunmi Koko's new bridal range, especially with the backdrop of the day's breathtaking grand royal wedding, has turned us into piles of mush and desire. We're always beside ourselves when it comes to beauty and everything about these looks is exquisite and everything but ordinary.

Bunmi Olaye and Francis Udom have always had big dreams for their Bunmi Koko label, approaching it as more of a lifestyle brand than a ready-to-wear line alone. With their expansion into bridal territory, evening wear and men's accessories, their dreams are certainly taking shape, and we're charmed by them, to say the least.

Are Bunmi Koko's pieces making you reconsider your go-to designer for your wedding dress?

- SLiq


Bunmi Koko

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Gidan Nodza said...

Niiiice!!! Imagine if Kate Middleton had come out in any of these yesterday...the fashion world would be in ecstasy and the Royal family will still be smarthing at the cheek of it :)