Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Revamped & Reloaded: Mataano Website

[A silk chiffon romper from Mataano's S/S '11 collection. Available here, courtesy of The W.]

We believe that websites should be living, breathing entities, not static pages that say 'coming soon' for yonks. Ahem. That said, we really like Mataano's new and improved website: straight to the point, fresh, uncluttered and not unlike the brand in those ways. While their e-store is missing in action (a feature we fondly remember from the first version of the website), you can shop two pieces from their S/S collection online, courtesy of The W -- yes, the hotel chain. Pretty big deal, no? The W has a range called Global Glam, and while a Duro Olowu piece featured in their first collection, the spotlight is now on the Mataano girls.

Enjoy their new website (and recent Arise Magazine Fashion Week collection) here and shop here.

- SLiq

Photo courtesy of The W

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