Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who Wore What: Lisa Folawiyo in Jewel by Lisa

Between collections and look books, the most discerning brands have the important job of keeping their fans and customers interested and loyal. We love Jewel by Lisa's most recent approach - Lisa Folawiyo (Creative Director of Jewel by Lisa) packed a case full of JBL pieces for her New York trip and will showcase 10 of them over the next 10 days. For DAY 1 (yesterday), Lisa went to her most recent collection (A/W 2011 - Africa's Definition of Global Luxury) and picked a graphic shirt dress and gilet. We can't not mention the Chanel boots - JBL has always oozed luxury, so it's only fitting to see their pieces alongside the world's finest. In a nutshell? Very chic, very creative modern working woman.


For Day 2, Lisa went to her S/S '11 Global Minimalism collection and chose a gorgeous pleated mini skirt in a custom JBL print paired with a belted Fulster Mac, LNA shirt and gold strappy sandals. A delightful summer day look from head-to-toe. We're inspired!

Which look is your favourite so far? Stay tuned for 8 more looks over the next 8 days!

- SLiq

Photos of Lisa courtesy of Zara Okpara/Jewel by Lisa PR


Tolu said...

Day 2 is just too fabulous! I like this!

The House Of Fabulous said...

This is too hard to choose but I have to go with day 2! She is beyond fabulous.

xoliquoricexo said...

@ Tolu & The House of Fabulous: Day 2 it is :-)