Thursday, May 5, 2011

Look Book: Deola Sagoe F/W 2011 [Ori Oke]

Twenty-two years after the brand's inception in 1989, there's still a thread of inborn elegance and heritage that runs through Deola Sagoe's collections - Deola Sagoe is one of those few, rare brands that invoke a certain aura, mood and feeling, and a very certain, definite longing. The fashion house's Ori Oke F/W '11 collection look book is yet another stunning glimpse into the feverishly glamourous, highly coveted world of one of Africa's most creative, celebrated and consistent brands.

Deola dreams and executes in a way that's individual and distinct, and Ori Oke is a spectacular study in colour (the most stunning iridescent blue greens), print (she drew inspiration from ancient batiking techniques, not vastly different from the Yoruba approach) and a refreshing juxtaposition of delicate lace with the more sturdy but evidently luxurious and versatile aso-oke. Add to that the fan pleats and origami, scallop-like detailing, and the statement kimono batik wrap coats that invoke old glamour and it's evident that this is quintessential Deola Sagoe, but it still comes with its own fresh batch of butterflies. If you're looking for a melting pot between the contemporary and cultural, Deola Sagoe is certainly among those who've consistently celebrated Africa and remained true to defining and representing that heritage - and the brand is certainly worth celebrating in return.

Is this your favourite Deola Sagoe collection yet?

- SLiq

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Interestingly enough, the entire look book first debuted on May 1 via Deola Sagoe's daughter's tumblr account, voguebespoke.


The House Of Fabulous said...

All I have to say is stunning,stunning and beyond stunning!

Thank you for giving me the best African fashions.

The House Of Fabulous said...

Stunning, Stunning and beyond Stunning!

Thank you for giving us the best African Fashions.

xoliquoricexo said...

@ The House of Fabulous: Awww, thank you so, so much. Deola Sagoe is BEYOND. Absolutely love.