Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FIRST LOOK: Omer Asim A/W '11 [Sudan/UK]

Passionate as we are about Africa's blooming fashion scene, there have been few moments when we've been moved to tears (well, almost) and such irrational bouts of extraordinary excitement that we thought we'd explode. Sudanese designer Omer Asim accounts for a great percentage of those moments - his boundless creativity, his keen eye for detail in the most unexpected places, and the lingering sense that he brings something no one else does to the table make him the object of our obsessions season after season.

Omer Asim's A/W '11 takes it back to black with touches of sheerness and velvet as well as his signature take on pleats and draping. As expected, Omer Asim once again tows the line between perfect and imperfect - while each creation is exquisite, we often oscillate between feeling each piece is perfectly incomplete. A certain wordlessness abounds when one attempts to describe the most beautiful things, so allow the pictures to take on a life of their own for you:

Also worthy of mention is Omer Asim's collaboration with fellow Sudanese jewelry designer, Maya Antoun, whose work we'll explore in more detail shortly.

- SLiq

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jotta said...

We were also very impressed with Omer Asim's new collection and collaboration with Maya Antoun. The post-modern aesthetic of Asim's dark clothing meets well with the traditional craftsmanship of Antoun's jewellery.