Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SAFW S/S 2011 DAY 3: Clive Rundle

Trust Clive Rundle to inject a dose of drama into the SAFW proceedings. For a brand that once dubbed a collection 'Marie Antoinette returns to Paris after attending a lesbian wedding in Africa', one has come to expect a certain cheeky quirkiness. With this collection, there's the occasional "Who would wear that, and where to exactly?" feeling with a number of pieces, but there's also a surprising amount that's wearable, fun and different. If you're looking for cookie-cutter fashion, Clive Rundle probably isn't your man, but if you're after a conversation starter, you've come to the right place. We're big fans of his treatment of the sheer trend, and the black pleated dress with embroidered yellow flowers was a unanimous favourite. Anything stand out for you? Are you a Clive Rundle kind of girl?

- SLiq

Photos c/o Simon Deiner for SDR Photos

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ABIGAIL NY said...

Very couture pieces, love the play with color, print and texture!