Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SLiq Talks: The J Label

News of a more affordable offshoot from the Jewel by Lisa brand reached us through Twitter about a week ago, and once the euphoria simmered down (not really), we immediately wanted to know everything and anything about it. In this interview with the Jewel by Lisa team, Shop Liquorice brings you an inside look into the world of The J Label - Nigeria's newest, most exciting affordable ready-to-wear line:

Behind-the-scenes footage, in collaboration with 4ACES TV:

*CUE GUSHING* Yes, you already know we are big on gushing at Shop Liquorice, so brace yourselves. For years and years, we've had many of our ankara clothes custom-made. We understand that luxury comes with a price tag but while we make every effort to support African designers and entrepreneurs whenever we can, price has remained a factor. For all the cool up and coming affordable labels out there,  very few can come close to touching the balance between the price and the inherent cool of anything Jewel by Lisa does, so not only is this pure brilliance business-wise, it's also brilliant, period. It fills a huge, gaping void in the market and sets the bar very, very high for anyone who'll attempt to sell us affordable ready-to-wear after this. Is there anything more exciting?

All said and done, will you be purchasing a piece of 'ankara cool'? To shop this collection, click here for store location and contact details.

- SLiq

Shoot Credits:

Models - Taiwo and Kehinde (Beth Models Africa)
Make-up - Bimple Ogunmakin
Styling - The Jewel by Lisa Team
Accessories - Anita Quansah for Jewel by Lisa (Necklaces and Bracelets)
Photography - Moussa Moussa


Damola♥House38 said...

JBL is beyond cool.

Anonymous said...

Looooveee this interview! Lisa seems like such a cool person you want to have cocktails and gossip with! lol Fab layout too