Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who Wore What: Michelle Obama in Duro Olowu & ASOS Africa

Since we've been gone, Michelle Obama has had three notable Africa-related moments, two of which have brought her Duro Olowu count to 8 pieces (5 of which she has worn in 2011 alone). We spotted the first look from Duro Olowu's Spring '11 collection on the set of iCarly (above). Her silk knit shirt is currently available in Net-a-Porter's ongoing sale for $392 (down from $980). See a clip of her appearance on iCarly below:

Next up, Michelle Obama arrived in South Africa (she'll also visit Botswana on this trip) wearing Duro Olowu again, this time a piece from his Fall 2010 collection. Naturally, there had been much speculation about whether or not Michelle Obama would support African designers on this trip, and she turns to a tried and tested favourite to end the speculation.

Today, Michelle Obama supported made-in-Kenya label, ASOS Africa, wearing a piece from their Spring 2011 (available here for a little over $60) collection. Regular readers may recall that SOKO Kenya is responsible for the sourcing and production of the ASOS Africa collection, so we can't imagine how wonderful this must be for them. What makes this especially remarkable for us is that we always harp on about how there are many ways to support Africa and Africans, and Michelle Obama shows us that if we can't go high-end, we can certainly go high street. A wonderful testament to Michelle's versatility, and Africa's.

Of course, now we really can't wait to see what she'll wear next. Perhaps one or two more Duro Olowu looks? Suno NY, maybe? A local South African designer? Time will tell.

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The House Of Fabulous said...

I knew you guys would know who she was wearing! The First Lady looks fabulous as always.