Friday, June 10, 2011

Spotlight: Ghubar Magazine's Blackbird Editorial

It's a little odd - for folks who live in mostly black, we feel little cartwheels in our brains when we see rich displays of colour. These images from Ghubar Magazine's June 2011 music issue are currently the backdrops for our good moods. Stunning model (Fadoum Kane), brilliant photography (Sarah Diouf, Editor-in-Chief of Ghubar) and the most outstanding sunglasses by Mercura NYC which we find ourselves wanting all of a sudden. We'll even have the feathers, too.

Read the June 2011 edition of Ghubar Magazine online here.

- SLiq


AMW said...

oh my goodness! outsanding! the color is DELICIOUS

thanks for sharing :)

DAV!D said...

Honestly, why do I feel this was "imspired" by Pop Africana's debut issue? I'm trying really hard to appreciate...