Saturday, July 30, 2011

Revamped and Reloaded: Lanre Da Silva Ajayi Online

Every other week, there's a website re-launch or a new e-commerce venture in global fashion news. Closer to home, they are few and far between but nonetheless becoming more common as the need for a fresh creative direction or a more functional portal becomes apparent. 

Lagos-based label Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi recently revamped their online image with more media. The overall design is clean (perhaps a little too clean for a brand that's anything but ordinary), but the site is packed with crisp, high quality backstage images, videos, and a closer look at past collections.

There's much to see in this virtual extended look book of sorts, so head on down and get your eyeful of a contemporary take on womanhood and the Victorian era by one of Africa's most exciting labels and one of our firm favourites at Shop Liquorice.

- SLiq

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