Thursday, September 22, 2011

LFW Spring 2012 - Bunmi Koko RTW Runway Review

Strong, increasingly magnetic live vocals from 12-year-old wunderkid Tallia Storm hovered over the catwalk, ushering in piece after piece of a magnificent display. Part story-telling, part performance art, each piece held its place firmly in an unfolding narrative of a tragic - but endlessly beautiful -  sea-duction. Significantly expanded from their New York showing last week (11 pieces then, 22 now), gradients of sea blue, peach, white, deep purple, with bursts of yellow and undertones of nude pervaded the runway as fin-like flaps, origami structures, and laser-cut neoprene mimicking sea anemone. It began with a simultaneously structured and free purple dress with sliced out sleeve detailing and sheer panels, and ended with a white lace dress consisting of a labyrinth of intertwined elements - a stunning blanched coral reef in motion. Masterful, poetic, compelling - and almost overpoweringly beautiful. 


Shop Liquorice was well-represented at the show, and we brought this back for you. Enjoy the little details.

See photos here and here.

- SLiq

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