Thursday, September 22, 2011

LFW Spring 2012 - Tiffany Amber RTW Runway Review

Glamour, chic and elegance roll off the tongue easily where Tiffany Amber is concerned, but perhaps it's too much of an oversimplification to equate an ever evolving Tiffany Amber with just jewel tones, laidback silk caftans, and floor-sweeping frocks. In recent times (compared to other instances in the brand's thirteen-year history), the brand's inherent glamour has been amplified and expanded to include more edge, more diversity, and wider appeal beyond cocktail parties and the red carpet. 

For Spring/Summer 2012, elegant vintage trunk boxes and oversized sunglasses denote a glamorous jet-setter in transit, with a wide-spanning just-in-case wardrobe in tow: supple silk dresses and caftans (very classic Tiffany Amber, but with sheer sleeves and cutout bibs and necklines), an ultra chic silk white trench, an emerald jumpsuit, lace shorts, chic skinny pants, mini dresses, signature separates, and floor grazers. Effortless draping is recurrent, as is a prevailing relaxed, unruffled mood alongside more adventurous cuts and details: thigh high slits, a plunging neckline, cutout sleeves and waistlines, a micro lace skirt, print short shorts, and sheer fabrication. A mint green dress with a sweetheart bust and undulating waves had a sheer panel across the thigh - very new Tiffany, and very, very cool. A scrumptious mix indeed for the woman who wants a bit of everything (and a perfect recipe for excess luggage charges).

A rich colour palette ranging from emerald, forest and mint greens, deep blue, hints of purple and pink, canary yellow for a one-handed, timeless piece, and white, all punctuated with swirls (which we found a little too dull in the brown version, but much more compelling in purple) and our favourite print of any we've seen so far this season - a striking recurring image of a horse's head. In brown, it was easily the main attraction in a mixed bag of pieces, especially done as a chic suit with matching cropped pants, and as a pair of skinny silk pants paired with a draped sheer purple wrap. If we could have paused the collection at two moments, it would've been when those two pieces made it down the runway - an impeccably chic Tiffany Amber and a very welcome direction indeed. 

In all, London got to sample a gorgeous platter of diverse, wide-ranging pieces from one of Nigeria's fastest-growing and most relevant brands. Clearly, Tiffany Amber knows a thing or three about what women want (or don't even yet know they want).

See more photos here and here.

- SLiq


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