Friday, January 22, 2010

spotted: dr. precious moloi-motsepe @ audi joburg fashion week

stumbled on this photo of dr. precious moloi-motsepe, chairperson of africa fashion international, on the first day of audi joburg fashion week winter 2010. doesn't she look ravishing? what a gorgeous color. because we have photographic memories (no pun intended) when it comes to things like this, we immediately noticed she wore the same outfit at new york fashion week last september [we know, we know - we're clearly under-utilizing our brains]:

twice as nice! while some folks get up in arms about certain people not being able to wear the same thing twice, we're all for re-rocking...and looking even better the next time around ;-) fashion can be so infuriatingly pretentious. gosh.

what say you?


several more posts to come. we literally have a million blog posts in the works [okay, maybe we're exaggerating] but we have to pace ourselves so we don't post 30 times a day.

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have a fantastic weekend! do something different and memorable - we know we will!


1 comment:

Titi said...

Lol, she looks good both times. Think I prefer the look where she has the curly hair, though. Gorgeous woman!