Friday, January 22, 2010

fyi: launches, show premieres on Feb. 7

last november, we posted a preview of Funmi Iyanda's upcoming show, Talk With Funmi. for those of who have no idea who she is, here's a brief synopsis: dubbed Nigeria's Oprah, Funmi Iyanda was a talkshow host and she brought "New Dawn with Funmi" into our lives for many years. she made us laugh, she made us cry, and she made us pause and think. New Dawn with Funmi ended after several successful years of being on air and after a brief hiatus, Funmi's back (bigger and better!!) with a new show, Talk With Funmi. we received the notification below this morning [please click CONTINUE READING below to read the complete post]:

*** Launches

We're delighted to announce the launch of and doubly excited to be able to finally announce the air date for Talk with Funmi.
Our website at is about more than just the TV show. Yes you'll be able to get access to all the latest exclusive clips, sneak previews of the show and watch full episodes online but it's about so much more. just like the show is about conversations. We'll be posting new topics and clips all the time and asking you to talk about them. What do you think the pressing issues of the day are? How would you put our country on the right path? is also a community, a community of like minded travellers in life, and like all good communities it allows you to share with your friends. We've integrated our website with Facebook so you can bring all your details and friends with you, and notify your friends on Facebook when you've posted something interesting.

Check us out now and watch our exclusive 90 second trailer for the show.

Talk With Funmi Premiere

That's right, we can now tell you when Talk With Funmi will be available for anyone to watch on television.

Talk With Funmi will premiere exclusively on DSTV's Africa Magic channel at 7pm on February the 7th 2010. So cancel your appointments and prepare to watch an entirely new type of programme.


incredibly exciting!!!! this woman is EPIC.


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