Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Wore What: Alicia Keys//Christian Louboutin

        Yes, we're still fixated on stills from the Alicia Keys/Beyonce photoshoot. Notice Alicia Keys' FABULOUS print pumps? She's wearing this pair of Louboutins:

But that's not all. These pumps are not just any pumps - absolutely not! They have elements from the design aesthetic of a South African tribe called the South Ndebele all over them:

Notice the correlation with their distinct geometric art [usually painted on the interior and exterior of their homes]? In fact, the gold adornments on the pumps could also be said to pay homage to the elaborate neck and ankle pieces the South Ndebele often wear:

Very clever Mr. Louboutin :-) Repeat offender much?

Ha! We love. That's all for today, folks! Please tune in for more tomorrow. We literally have piles of posts we need to share before we implode!



deep_in_vogue said...

It's fantastic you pin-pointed the design influence! Great, great post!

Titi said...

WOW, well-spotted! How do you know these things?!?!?!