Saturday, August 21, 2010

Who Wore What: Duro Olowu//T Magazine

Lots of "tribal"-centred editorials have come and gone, and there will be yet more. One thing some of the most recent ones have had in common? A nod to Duro Olowu. First, it was the March 2009 Time Magazine spread featuring Arlenis Sosa, followed by New York Times Magazine's homage to Malick Sidibe, and more recently, Alek Wek wore a Duro Olowu cardigan in a Financial Times spread

Today, we spotted Mr. Olowu yet again in the New York Times' T Magazine's "Going Places" feature [see above]. The model wears a Duro Olowu skirt around her neck, which some of you may remember seeing in Duro Olowu's Fall 2010 Presentation.

Talented as he is, we wonder if there are other reasons why he's getting all the love. Tremendous crossover appeal? A powerful brand? His ability to re-invent himself? Laziness on the parts of magazine editors who would rather feature a familiar brand than give others a chance?

We wonder. 

What do you think?

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