Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who Wore What: Kadaria Ahmed x Ituen Basi

The May issue of TW Magazine features Kadaria Ahmed, Editor of NEXT Newspapers, decked out in a colourful array of distinctly Ituen Basi accessories. Needless to say, very few designers have the balance of traditional and contemporary down pat like Ituen Basi, whose work ranges from elaborate and intricately detailed frocks to multi-purpose bows.

Kadaria Ahmed won many hearts when she moderated Nigeria's NN24 Vice-Presidential and Presidential debates. She wore Ituen Basi both times, so the choices for her TW cover shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Each piece Kadaria wears is available online courtesy of our friends at My Asho, so your  first or next Ituen Basi purchase is just a few clicks away. Happy shopping here.

- SLiq

TW Photo courtesy of TW Magazine
Photos and descriptions in collage courtesy of My Asho
Collage by Shop Liquorice

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House38 said...

Love Kadaria. Love Ituen Basi.