Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SAFW Winter 2012 - Suzaan Heyns RTW Runway Review [True Colours]

 This seasonal collection is conceptualised around showing our true colours, or the internal and external perceptions of the individual. 

Leave it to Suzaan Heyns to inject a dose of drama into otherwise mostly lukewarm South Africa Fashion Week (SAFW) proceedings. Granted, drama is firmly ingrained in the brand's DNA, so that's hardly breaking news - standard silhouettes or minimal, straight lines and Suzaan Heyns seldom (if ever) mix, and there always seems to be an overreaching mood of something dark and exploratory. Last winter was for turning the human anatomy on its head; next winter's uses the age-old tug-of-war between who we are and how we present ourselves as its context.

Fish scale paillettes were offered in leather, suggesting an armour-like take on clothing - an update of sorts on chain-mail, if you like. Other paillettes were done in metallics, softening a palette of blacks, ash greys, purples and midnight blues. Some pieces offered an interesting mix of colours - slivers of purple on a draped black blouse, slivers of black on a purple dress (I see your true colours shining through?). Nudes offered a compelling contrast as draped, sometimes slouchy outerwear, while separates kept the mood fluctuating between draped and a dose of bold - a pair of loose pants was paired with metallic fish scales and a draped cardigan, and a chiffon dress was embellished with scales from the spine to the hem - a beautiful merger of moods.

Layering was an important component in a collection that ranged from a mini dress with layered scales to a stunning camel (wool) dress with disproportionate sleeves and a floor length skirt shown alongside floor length coats - think layers of shrug jackets and tanks paired with skirts and jodphurs, or a dress that combined a satin finish, mesh, and scales. For accessories, Suzaan Heyns introduced mesh scarves, swim caps and shoes revamped with scales, metallic belts, and patchwork leather bags from an ongoing collaboration with Leather Rose.

In all, we went away thoroughly excited by Suzaan Heyns' new take on adventure, and were particularly impressed that the balance of edge and wearable found an amicable meeting point in this collection - a sleek finish indeed.

SAFW - Suzaan Heyns shot for Ifashion by Joanna Imrie from Post - joannaimrie on Vimeo.

- SLiq

Photos: SDR Photo


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