Monday, March 1, 2010

ARISE L’Afrique-À-Porter: The full list of designers!

[Model wears a look from Eric Raisina at Arise Promise of Africa collective last summer]

o o o

Thanks to ifashion, we now have the full list of designers showing at ARISE L'Afrique-A-Porter this Friday. We've brought you press releases from Tiffany Amber [Nigeria], Jewel by Lisa [Nigeria], and MOMO [Nigeria], and in this post, we added Kluk CGDT [South Africa], Lunar [South Africa] and Clive Rundle [South Africa] to the list. tells us that the following designers will also be making appearances:

David Tlale [South Africa; our guess was right!]
Eyola [Nigeria]
Eric Raisina [Madagascar] and

So there you have it! 10 designers, 5 pieces each and 50 looks we can't wait to see! Which designer's work are you most looking forward to seeing?


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